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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

fuk..........................l got roped

I lost my laptop and my money and my Oyster card... A Britainese male roped me. On Sunday....... London is a cold place when you are an individual immigrant. There are too many different people in the city there is very much dislike for other people and not care for other people. And also tricking people.

Since I come to London, some one played trick me to give him 10 pounds because he said he need to take taxi to hospital and will pay me back. I give him money, and my best address and he did not mail me the money I loaned him.

Now I took my laptop and walk home and I get roped. At first, I was very mad. Then I got even more mad. Later I came down and ate some pepper. I even didn't want to play with the family baby. I didn't even care Olympics Liu Xiang failed and make me sad. Then I took time to walk and think about life.

You think China only have only one type of person. Majority is Chinese people in PRC, but still crime and arguementations. In London, this type of person don't like this type of person and make own community to keep out other people types. I feel this place not too friendly to immigrants. In China, if you come and visit, maybe we trick you and sell you something at a high price because you come and visit and have money. In London, you make very unpleasant for new immigrant.

Then I think maybe this is not my home and never will be. Maybe I just don't have skills to live here and protect myself from ropping. Also maybe can not find a real job outside Chinese restaurant.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

More Beijing Olympics Music (video cliptation)

This is a music video cliptation with Olympics Opening Ceremony performer Sarah Brightman (from Team GB) and Liu Huan sing along "You and Me." I thought she was Sarah McLachlan but I was made a foolish when I see this video clip.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Watch Olympics Live Streaming Online Free on BBC

I have discovered a way to watch Olympics live. I don't know if USA people can watch but I know I can not watch US because NBC has created a Monolopy for watching Olympics there like rabbit father.

The secret is BBC.co.uk

Click on this link for live video (not cliptations).

Then you may have vip access to several channels of sports

I also found:
USA - http://www.nbcolympics.com/ (NBC)
United Kingdom - http://bbc.co.uk/olympics (BBC)
Australia - http://au.sports.yahoo.com/olympics/video/ ( Yahoo 7)
http://www.abc.net.au/olympics/ (ABC)
Canada - http://www.cbc.ca/olympics/ (CBC)
China - http://www.cctvolympics.com ( CC TV)
India : http://www.ddinews.gov.in/DDNews/rplayer.htm

Got virus from watching too many Olympic Videos

I am sorry for not posts yesterday but my computer was incompetent due to the virus embedded in some videos I was watching. They tricked me several times and made me install something to watch video on Saturday.

~You need to be very careful online. Now watching Olympics videos is similar to sexual acts with your casual sexual partner or lover who you have not seen for 6 months or more. You can get virus and infection if you watch too many. So you need to be careful and not watch every video you think is sexy. For example, do not watch this one. This is a dirty girl:
DONT CLICK LINK ABOVE WITHOUT CYBER CONDOM. ~~BE CAREFUL AND ALWAYS USE cyber condom. My friend install a good prog on my computer yesterday, namely
http://avast.com/eng/download-avast-home.html. Today this dirty girl tried to infect me but avast (my www condom) prevented me from virus. ~

Now I can guarantee that my filtrated videos not only high quality but also don't have virus. Still yet I think you should wear cyber condom in addition to be safe. (^_^) It is good action because you can not feel the cyber condom and it doesn't affect performance. Proponents greatly outweigh the contrary. For example, girl can not leave room (or turn into non sexual mood) because you have difficulty finding it or accidently damage it during ripping. Or need to buy it. Also you can reuse it which is very convenient and good for environment. Also it always fits unlike all the condoms in United Kingdom. It's too big for me and often fall off during sexual acts that I need go ask my friends to mail me some Chinese condoms. But maybe they have some extra small size chinese condoms in Chinatown, but I didn't find.

Some virus free sexy girl olympic cheerleading videos:

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So amazing.

So amazing thing does happen today. I watch the olympics opening ceremoney today and it was very very good. I was scared something maybe go wrong or embarressed China but I am very happy it happen without accident. I was scared the Li Ning may fall and happy because he did not fall from the sky. I possessed tears in my eyes several moments today because it was sexy fire. And also little boy who escaped earthquake. I am proud of High Quality China made so next time when people say Made in China or Made in PRC it will mean good quality. Similar to made in Japan or USA. I watched with some other Chinese people in restaurant and then go to work and now come home.

I included website2.0 technology from reuters above so you can always just come to this site play reuters highlights, and while I examine the www for the best and most interesting video cliptations. Be ready for good videos~~